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Bonded Thread Is Best for Menu Covers

KNG uses thread in our menu covers which is bonded by resin and finished with a special lubricant. This provides superior strength, amazing stretch, and excellent resistance to chemicals, bacteria, mildew, wear, sunlight and abrasion.

Our bonded nylon thread remains unbroken and undamaged throughout the manufacturing process, which ensures that the binding stays attached to the menu covers. The bonded thread we use has better tenacity and stretch than normal nylon thread. To give an example of the thread we use in our menu covers, you can find the same thread in heavy duty sewing applications such as luggage, shoes, canvas, car seats, safety belts, and parachutes just to name a few.

Our menu covers only uses one row of stitching

Most manufactures claim that two rows of stitching is better. However, what two rows of stitching do is weaken the vinyl by puncturing it twice in a small area. Our tests have shown by using double stitching it reduces the strength of the menu covers by almost 40%. This is one of the few instances where more is actually worse.

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