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Menu Cover Quality

KNG Understands Quality

It is a shame to see, but any more the level of quality you receive is directly related to the price you pay. However, this is not the case at KNG. There is the reason why we have been selling menu covers since 1965. It was in 1996 however, when we started seeing quality being compromised for price. This is when we decided to start doing everything in house and started manufacturing menu covers ourselves. Over the years we have learned a lot about the manufacturing process and the materials that go into making a good menu cover.

But, even with all the experience we have we can always just look at a menu cover and tell if it is made with best materials available. This is why we have created a laboratory specifically made to test all the materials that go into our menu covers. We want to make sure we use only the best materials out there.

When suppliers come to us wanting us to buy their cheaper vinyl, corners, or binding we put them to the test. This means we run each product through a series of torture tests to find out if they really are what they claim. However, usually we stay with what we have been using. Yes, it costs more, but we are not willing to produce menu covers with anything less than the best!

If you are buying menu covers, here is what you should know before you buy:

Quality Vinyl Is Hard To Find

When KNG first started manufacturing menu covers we quickly learned that you can’t tell anything about vinyl just by looking at it. There is a lot of vinyl manufactured for clear box lids (like shirt boxes in department stores), and there is lots of bulk vinyl manufactured for other uses.

The amount of vinyl produced for menu covers is very small compared to other uses. So, there is no bulk vinyl sold that was designed for menu covers. The only way to get vinyl designed for menu covers is to use enough vinyl that a manufacture will make a special grade of vinyl just for your menu cover use. This is exactly what we have done.

KNG Vinyl Is:

  • Made with special additives to resist breakdown under UV light
  • Made with a special formula to make it less susceptible to cracking
  • Made with a special formula to resist discoloration over time
  • Made with a special formula to resist warping over time
  • Tested at the manufacture along with KNG’s own material testing lab

Before buying menu covers make sure you know if the vinyl is specifically manufactured for menu covers and how it is tested.

Binding Is The Backbone Of Your Menu Cover

Binding is the material that holds your menu cover together. It only makes sense to use the best binding you can find. We have been warning restaurants for years that unsupported binding will not last.

You will buy menu covers at least twice as often if the menu covers you are buying are made with unsupported binding.

Unfortunately, not all supported bindings are the same either. Some use thinner leatherette (the colored part) and some use loose weave scrim supporting (the white cloth on the back).

The only way to tell is to get the manufacturers to send binding samples, or cut the threads off of a menu cover and get a sample to look at. Trust us it is worth your time, because the binding is what holds your menu cover together.