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Menu Cover Learning Center

At KNG we strive to produce the highest quality Menu Covers that will stand up to the rigors of daily use in your restaurant.

To help you maintain and prolong the life or your menu covers, we’ve prepared some helpful articles and videos.

KNG Menu Overview Video
Short Video: Learn how KNG is partnering with restaurants.
Useful Tips For Choosing The Best Menu Covers
Short Video: Useful tips to know to ensure you choose the right menu cover for your business.
Menu Covers FAQ
Answers to common questions.
How To: Load Menu Covers 30% Faster
Short Video: Tips on using our loader tool.
Test Results: Double vs. Single Stitching
Short Video: Double-stitched vs. single-stitched… see what our tests show.
Test Results: Menu Cover Corners
Do corners really matter? Find out what our tests reveal.
Test Results: Best Cleaners For Menu Covers
KNG tested 11 different cleaning solutions to see which was best for menus.
How To: Menu Cover Storage
Recommendations on how to properly store your menu covers.
All Menu Cover Vinyls Are Not Equal
Find out why in this helpful article.

Check back here periodically for the latest resources and test results.

As always, we welcome your feedback about your own experience. Leave your comments below.