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Unusual Restaurants That Make You Shake Your Head, Sigh…and Smile

Restaurant operators can be really creative if they want to, just so they’ll be aided with their restaurant marketing efforts. We’ve featured how one restaurateur came up with an innovative, albeit notorious, heart-attack menu concept, a salon-restaurant, dinner served high up in the skyand one that allows children to serve and cook for their guests.

We chanced upon three amusing concepts recently, on the verge of being quite extreme, but still imaginative and worth trying out.

Disaster Café

As its name implies, the Disaster Café gives its diners a taste of turbulence, similar to what we see on TV and movies about earthquakes. There’s not much that is written about the restaurant, but there are a lot of videos that can be found which could very well give us an idea of what goes on in there—first a display of flickering lights, then just when the servers in personalized aprons serve the guests’ meals, the place would shake with a 7.8 intensity. Patrons claim that the experience is similar to being on a roller-coaster ride; the only major difference is that while you’re shaking and rolling, you’re trying to eat your meal. Despite its peculiarity, the place became a major attraction in Costa Brava, Spain, where tourists take time out to visit the place with the same fervor as to checking out a bullfight.


Isdaan, when translated, actually means “fishery,” so guests can easily assume that there would be a pond-full of fish somewhere in the large restaurant-park’s vicinity. And indeed there is, the section of the park comically labeled “Fish Be with You,” where diners can feed the plentiful schools of fish swimming just a meter within their reach. But this place in Tarlac, Philippines made it to the international scene not because of the fish-feeding—there are plenty of that around the globe—but for one of their after-meal attractions which allows guests to smash plates, bowls, vases and even TV into a wall. The Tacsiyapo Wall (tacsiyapo is a native dialect which means “shame on you”) is the place to go when you want to let off some steam and go on a throwing binge. The breakables can be bought from their servers in personalized aprons for as low as 40 cents, while old televisions cost around $38. Targets on the wall are ex-wives, ex-husbands, mother-in-laws, corrupt government officials, bosses, ex-best friends, ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, business partners…you name it.

The Conflict Kitchen

I learned about The Conflict Kitchen and my reaction was a series of head-shakes and a sigh. But I couldn’t help smiling. The Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that only serves cuisine from countries that the U.S. is in conflict with. The place rotates identities every six months to feature another country, where each rotation is augmented by performances, events and discussions that hope to educate the public of the featured country’s culture, politics and issues. It has featured Iranian, Venezuelan and Afghan cuisine, and plans to do Cuban and North Korean soon. This looks really enticing for people who wants to have a bit of controversy with their lunch and dinner.

All these make us think just how far restaurateurs would go to catch the public’s attention. Have you thought of any for yours?