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Types Of Aprons Used In Restaurants

Half-Bistro-ApronAn apron is a garment wore over cloths for protective and hygienic reasons. Sometimes aprons are worn for decorative purposes over other garments by women. Nobody can exactly point out when aprons came into use. But, some say that there is the reference to aprons even in the Bible. So, it can be safely said that aprons have been in use for many centuries. In the 1960s when the women’s movement caught on in the United States, aprons began to be considered as a sign of domestic slavery and were shunned for many years. But, today their functional importance has been recognized and they are used widely in many professions and also in homes.

Different Type Of Aprons Used In Restaurants

Today there are many different types of aprons being used by people. They are used by different people for different purposes.

•    Bib Aprons: This is the most common type of aprons used all around. They consist of an upper and lower portion with tie in the back. They provide protection to both the waist and the chest portion. Bib aprons are sued by people not only in the food industry, but also by factory workers and shop workers. Many of the bib aprons have pockets in the front to hold tools, ladles, paper, and so on. Bib aprons can again be divided into subcategories like chef bib aprons, no-pocket bib aprons, water-proof bib aprons, shop bib aprons (generally has multiple pockets to hold pens, small notepad, and the like). Chefs use bib aprons to keep their notes and pen and also to keep small spoons, ladles, and so on. The waterproof bib aprons are ideal while handling trash and also for doing other messy jobs like cleaning fish or meat.

•    Tuxedo Aprons: These are similar to bib aprons as they too have an upper protective layer. But the cut of the apron is more stylish and resembles a tuxedo. They are seen worn by waiters and waitresses in restaurants.

•    Cobbler Aprons: Cobbler aprons are again similar to bib aprons, but they cover both the front and the back of the clothing worn underneath and also the length is only till the waist.

•    4-Way Aprons: These aprons are generally used by chefs. They allow the chef to access a clean surface to wipe his or her hands without having to change into a new apron – basically four clean surfaces to go through before changing into a new apron. They are highly functional and are generally worn around the waist.

•    Bistro Aprons: These aprons are generally seen as knee length with pockets in the front worn around the waist. They are commonly used in restaurants by waiters and other restaurant staff. The pockets are used for the pen and notepad where they can take down orders.

Aprons are something so common these days that most people do not even bother to think of their utility, especially in the restaurant business where they are an absolute must. Besides all their other uses, they are the ideal protective clothing in the kitchen for the common man. Something that was once considered as a sign of slavery for women is even making a comeback in the fashion world in the form of the apron dress.