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The First Wives Have Worn Their Aprons!

What’s cooking in Obama’s Kitchen? Well, not the kitchen of the White House, but the air at the Downing Garden Street this week was smeared with the aroma of freshly grilled burgers and sausages. Guess who took the reigns of the barbeque? They were the First Wives, Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron!

Well, it’s unclear whether the First Wives wore the aprons to display their barbequing skills or to save the poor grill from singeing! What we’re interested in here is the attire of the prestigious chefs. Both the ladies have managed to steal the world’s limelight with their charisma and audacious style. A peek-a-boo in their closets might reveal what they wore for their culinary mission.

Aprons for Special Ladies

Do you know? In the 1960s, aprons were literally thrown away by ladies, as they were considered symbols that held working women back. But, in the 1990s, when cooking shows by celeb chefs on television caught up with the crowd, aprons made a comeback. Now, aprons are the new muse of designers! Whether you’re a butcher, waitress, chef, or the First Wife, there is an apron for you.

The barbeque aprons are made from thicker fabric than that used for the usual kitchen aprons. The thick fabric safeguards from grill splatters and grease. If you have no idea what to gift your husband for his birthday, a barbeque apron would be a smart gift. You can imprint his name on it for giving your personalized touch!

If you wish to go the Michelle way, you better arm yourself with a neat set of barbeque aprons for your grilling mission. On second thoughts, this is a

great way to seduce your husband once again! There is a variety of stylish aprons for women chefs out there.

Digitalized Aprons

The digital fabric printing technology has brought a new wave of fashionable aprons. You no longer need to look like a desperate housewife, drained with the burden of household chores. The custom-printed aprons give you a chic look and make you feel sexy even while mixing ingredients beside the simmering broth.

There are also valentine and bridal aprons. Giving a bride an apron on her wedding day might not be a good idea though. You don’t want her to think you’re assigning her to the kitchen for life! Ah, but if she loves cooking, you might surprise her with a lovely apron on Valentine’s. They usually feature hearts or roses patterns on them with a lot of red in the fabric.

Why wait for the Valentine, eh? If you’ve been craving for your favorite dish, gift her stylish apron and hint her that your taste buds are impoverished and desperately want their favorite food!

Apron is one piece of clothing that keeps evolving, suiting the styles of modern chefs. Moreover, one never knows who might become a chef, so there has to be an apron that stands out in the crowd. Is Michelle Obama listening?