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Sourcing Top Quality Aprons At Wholesale Prices

Adjustable Bib ApronAprons have long been an obligatory part of uniforms in the hospitality and service industries. Not only do they act as defensive shields, protecting workers from messy and often harmful splatter and debris, they also give an air of professionalism to the wearers.

The Importance of Choosing Good Quality Aprons

Ask any successful restaurateur or service industry professional for the key to their success and they will answer: quality products, good presentation skills and attention to detail; all of which is dependent on and enhanced by the right attire, one that is both hygienic as well as protective.

A spotless uniform conveys the message that not only do you pride yourself on running a clean, hygienic enterprise; you are equally concerned about professionalism and genuinely care about the comfort and happiness of your customers.

Consider both style and practicality when choosing an apron for your needs. Carefully evaluate the various styles available such as waist or bib designs and choose one that best fits your individual requirements.

Factors to Take into Consideration Include:

•    Efficient design including a choice of pockets to hold the necessary kit such as pens, order pads and so on.

•    Comfortable breathable fabric suitable for wearing for long stretches of time under heavy stress and high temperatures.

•    Hardy enough to withstand the daily grind in the restaurant without getting creased or crumpled.

•    Easy to wash as well as fade resistant.
Traditionally, most aprons are made of cotton or a polyester mix so that you can just throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to explore newer fabrics such as spun polyester that offer extra durability and comfort for a little extra. Investing in spun poly often works out cheaper in the long run especially when buying wholesale.

Buying Aprons Wholesale

Many restaurant suppliers offer great deals in wholesale aprons so shop around various dealers before deciding on one. Ask the trader for a sample piece which can then be put through its paces. An easy way of evaluating apron quality is to look at lint trapped in the machine after the apron has been dried. If there are too many fibers from the apron then obviously it will not last beyond a couple of washes and is hence uneconomical.

Make a point of dealing with a reputable company or wholesaler since you will be making a significant investment in their products. Check whether the merchant offers guarantees on their products.

To conclude, aprons are an indispensable part of staff uniforms in the hospitality industry as well as many retail businesses. A good way to choose an apron is to first decide on a particular style (long or short, full or half, with pockets or without) and then select the color or print that best fits your décor and/or theme. Keep in mind that light colors are vulnerable to spills and markings while dark colored aprons show up stains and are difficult to bleach. Finally, buy wholesale aprons if you are making a bulk order for maximum cost-effectiveness.