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Snacks for Giants (The World’s Largest Snacks)

No Pocket Bib ApronTwo Guinness World Records were reported early this month, both luscious, gigantic food stuff.  Our favorite fish and chips and hamburgers had their own share of the limelight with their own “food for the giants” versions, and now we would like to draw attention to the other food items that also made their way to the world records.

World’s Longest BLT Sandwich

Other than the largest hamburger that was reported earlier this month, June 2011 saw another food record that was acquired by America – the world’s longest BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich, which was made by produce companies the Red Sun Greenhouse Vegetables and Dole Fresh Vegetables.  The extraordinary deed was made during the Associate Wholesale Grocers Spring Tradeshow in Kansas City, Kansas.

The sandwich needed 14 people to make it, with seven cases of lettuce, 750 pounds of tomatoes and 3,300 slices of bacon.  But it did not take long to make it – they built the 209 feet-long sandwich in just 42 minutes.

The record was stripped off from Moore’s Barbeque Restaurant in Newbern, North Carolina, who made the largest open sandwich last July 2010.  The North Carolina sandwich weighed a total of 1,337 pounds (606 kilograms), needed 561 pounds of dough, 17 gallons of water and 10 gallons of milk to prepare, and was baked in a custom-built 10 foot-square oven for 6 ½ hours at 300 degrees.

World’s Longest Pizza

Poland had their share of victory, too.  The world’s largest pizza was prepared in Krakow, Poland last August 2010 through the companies Makro Cash and Carry Store and Magillo Restaurant.  Two hundred chefs in elegant chef clothing grouped together to create a pizza that would cover a distance of 1 kilometer (yes, you read it right, that is a total of 1,000 meters).   The preparation needed a 1 kilometer long table to accommodate the dough which, in itself, is already made up of 3.5 tons of flour.  The chefs took their time in lovingly garnishing the dough with herbed sauce, sweet corn, mozzarella and mushrooms, and allowed a “four-oven mobile train set” to travel over the length to make sure that the pizza is painstakingly cooked-through.  It took them eighteen hours to finish the task.

A much publicized attempt to whip the record away from Poland was done by some chefs in chef aprons from Melburne, Australia February of this year, but the attempt failed because of a sudden rain.

World’s Biggest Slab of Fudge

And oh, my sweet tooth and my love for chocolates.  Imagine the world’s largest slab of fudge right there in front of you, all 5,500 pounds of it.  A culinary professor and the students of Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan pooled in their efforts last June 2009 in mixing 705 pounds of butter, 305 gallons of sweetened, condensed milk and 2,800 pounds of chocolate to come up with the gigantic fudge.  The fudge was later on sold to the public at $10 a pound.

The record breaking delicacy was 450-pounds bigger than the previous title-holder, which was whipped-up by the Northwest Fudge Factory at the New Sudbury Shopping Center in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada in May 2007.