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Oh, The World’s Largest Fish and Chips… and The World’s Biggest Hamburger!

 Knot Button Long Sleeve Chef CoatA British pub named The Wensleydale Heifer in West Witton, Yorkshire now holds the record for the world’s largest fish and chips after they prepared a 96-pound portion of this traditional British take-away meal early this month.  Yes, 96 lbs, or 44 kilograms of delicious fish and chips, served up to a huge crowd after the Guinness World Records confirmed and adjudicated the feat.

Chefs in their smart chef coats filleted first-rate halibut fish, dipped it in more than 4 gallons of Black Sheep beer batter, and fried it in a specially-made gigantic pan, which all weighed up to an amazing 44 pounds.  They needed to wait seven hours to heat up 200 liters of vegetable oil, and had to use custom-built garden forks to cook the fish to perfection, which came all the way from Norway and took the chefs three months to source. They had to spend another four hours to hand cut and fry the potato chips, weighed it at an additional of 52 pounds and completed the meal.

The achievement brought back the record to the United Kingdom after it was held by America for six years.  Icelandic USA Inc., an American manufacturer of frozen seafood, set the record by preparing the world’s largest serving of fish and chips in 2004, and served it at the Black Rose Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts.  The fish weighed 34.2 pounds while the chips were at 43.5 pounds.

A record was taken from America, but another was gained, stealing the title from Canada this time.  The world’s largest hamburger was prepared by the organizers of the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, California, weighing an enormous 777 pounds – 546 pounds of beef, 50 pounds of cheese, 20 pounds of onions, 30 pounds of lettuce, 13 pounds of pickles and 10 pounds of mustard and ketchup, all in a 108-pound bun.

The people behind the record-breaking burger’s creation, Juicy’s Outlaw Grill and Ovations Food Services, said it took them 15 hours to prepare the gigantic sandwich.  After the Guinness world Records measured and adjudicated the accomplishment, they offered the burger to the public, sold bits of it at 99 cents and before the day ended, half of it was gone.  Proceeds of the sale were donated to the Alameda County Food Bank.  And since we can’t talk about a hamburger binge without discussing calorie counts, the organizers made it a point to declare just how many calories the burger contained.  It was said to contain 1,375,000 calories, enough energy for one person in two long years.

The previous record holder is Napoleon Gourmet Grills, a prestigious manufacturing company of grilling appliances in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, which came up with an 11-man team to prepare a 590-pound hamburger sandwich last May 2010.  The burger was grilled for six hours by men in smart-looking white chef coats at the Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada, which then had the size of a burger that is 300 times bigger than the burger we get to eat everyday.  It also had all the ingredients of a juicy, luscious burger – lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, pickles and barbeque sauce.

You know anyone who wants to feast on a 700-pounder burger?  Juicy’s and Ovation accepts orders for this mega-treat – just make sure to give a 48-hour lead time and prepare $5,000 as payment.