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Menu Covers Reflect A Restaurant’s Credentials

Leather Menu CoversOne of the most important aspects of merchandising of any product or services is an elegant presentation and in the case of restaurants it involves having an attractive décor which includes enticing menu covers. Menu covers serve as the first introduction of the restaurant to the customer and a favorable first impression will make a lasting impression on your client. Whether a restaurant is a well-established restaurant of repute or whether it has just started, the importance of having an attractive menu cover cannot be overemphasized.

The concept, atmosphere, strategy, work ethics and quality of products and services of a restaurant are all reflected on the pages and cover of its menu. Menu covers also used for branding purposes as they include the restaurant’s logo, stylized writing, motto and slogans. They add a professional touch to the services of the restaurant. A customer usually rates a restaurant by viewing the menu card without even tasting the food. Important aspects such as the style, get up, overall quality of the menu cover, a slogan specifying the type of food that is the restaurant’s specialty, the beliefs of the restaurant and the type of dining experience that the customer might expect can go a long way in enabling the customer to decide whether he would like to eat at the restaurant or not.

Types Of Menu Covers

Most restaurants have a theme that gets reflected on the type of furniture, accessories and the food that is served there. The design and style of the menu cover is an intricate part of this theme. A leather menu cover presents an environment of authenticity and makes the customer feel unique and privileged.  The richness of leather will indicate that the products and services of the restaurant will be of the best quality and they will also be unique. A heat sealed cover is normally used in a family restaurant that is moderately priced whereas fancy restaurants that cater to more upscale clients use vinyl menu covers. Basically the menu cover should suit the style of the restaurant or café.

Menu covers can have topical, sewn or etched designs. Moreover, the construction can be with graphic-grade vinyl, bonded thread, turned edges or with large heavyweight corners. The vinyl can be clear or scratch resistant and you can choose between single-needle and double-needle sewing. The edging and spine of the binding of a menu is also important. You can choose between clear edging and spine or fabric edging and spine.

Essential Items On Menu Covers

It is necessary to print all important information on the menu covers. Key items of the restaurant should be advertised on the cover to tell the customer why the restaurant is special and why eating at the restaurant will provide a different experience. Moreover, there should be an indication regarding the items that are the restaurant’s specialties so that the customer can choose and appreciate their taste. If a restaurant wishes to publicize a special variety of a common food item such as French fries, it should do so on the menu covers so that people would try them and if they are impressed by the taste they will keep coming back and tell their friends and relatives about them. This word of mouth publicity will immediately boost the restaurant’s sales and image.

The best way to find the best menu covers is to browse the websites of different online suppliers and choose the style you like from amongst the hundreds of designs that are offered. You can also supply your own design and get custom made covers.