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KNG Menu Covers – Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Lower Prices

Menu CoverSummary: KNG has added another feather to its cap by taking their quality menu covers to a different level. In a highly competitive market, they have yet again managed to keep prices amazingly low by automating the manufacturing process using the latest robotic technology. The result is improved, and premium quality menu covers are available to you at extremely low prices.

Press Release: One of the world’s largest menu covers and restaurant supplies manufacturers, KNG has made another defining move toward making the best quality menu covers available to you at the cheapest prices in the market. Using the latest robotics technology, they have automated the manufacturing process to create a win-win situation. Not only the quality of the products has improved by several notches, but the prices have also reduced drastically.

The company’s philosophy is “Keeping an existing customer satisfied is much cheaper than acquiring a new one.” This philosophy has helped them reap rich benefits over the years. They have steered their business through some tough economic times by gaining the confidence of their clientele with their high-quality products and superior customer service as the core aspects of their business.

The company has the experience and the proficiency to meet the exact needs of their wide range of customers, from small restaurants to large chain of hotels. They also have the expertise to create some of the best corporate apparels such as custom-embroidered shirts, aprons, hats, and many such items for companies within and outside the restaurant industry.
In today’s menu cover market, quality is directly related to the price you pay. At KNG, they follow a different philosophy altogether. Ever since they entered this business in 1965, they have made quality the hallmark of all their products. To have a better control on all aspects of the manufacturing process of the business, they manage the entire process in-house to help you get the best quality menu covers for your restaurants.

To refine the process further, they have also created a laboratory just to test all the materials that go into making quality menu covers. This ensures that only the finest raw materials find their way into the manufacturing process to get you the best menu covers you will ever find. Each cover material that a supplier chooses for their requirement such as cheaper vinyl, corners, and binding are tested for efficiency and durability. It does add to their overheads, but they make sure that quality stays supreme under all circumstances.

The vinyl that they use is quite different from the ones available in the market. Special additives are added to the vinyl to prevent them from damage under UV light. A special formula is used to manufacture them so that they do not crack under any situation and do not fade with the passage of time. The vinyl used for the process is tested at KNG’s modern material testing facilities to make sure that they last long and meet the company’s exacting quality standards.

Products from KNG use bonded thread, turned edge construction, graphics-grade vinyl, and large heavyweight corners to create the best quality menu covers. They are the only menu jacket manufacturer in the world that offers a full 90-day money-back guarantee. With their robotics-technology-driven automated manufacturing process, they also offer a 150 percent low price guarantee.