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Chef Coats In White, Black, And Stylish Designs

Knot Button Long Sleeve Chef CoatChef coats might make a fashion statement today, but they were born out of necessity. That double-breasted coat that you see in the restaurants is not style, but a functional feature. Most of the coats are designed in a way that they can be worn reversed to hide the stains and spots.

Functionality Of The Coat

Chef jackets and coats are made of double-layered cotton material. It protects them from the heat from stoves, ovens, and grills. It also acts as a shield against hot splatters. You may have seen knotted cotton buttons on many coats. They provide endurance to the coat from wear and tear and frequent washes.

The First White Chef Coat

It was in the early 1800s that the standard white chef coat came into being, thanks to Marie-Antoine Carême. Before this, the coats were in grey. According to Carême, white displayed cleanliness, as it was a symbol of purity. A spotless white coat not only depicted the neatness of the restaurant, but also gave a presentable look to the wearer.

It was Carême who started double-breasted jackets and variation in coat sleeves. Today, you can see pastry chefs with short-sleeved coats. There are also chef coats with ¾ sleeve length! Certain coats feature French cuffs that add a couple of protective layers against hot liquids and grease.

The Modern Chef Coat

The modern coat comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Black coats are getting popular. Chefs who love to experiment with the dishes certainly want to experiment with their dressing style in the kitchen. Whatever may be the style and color of the coat, the important thing is to maintain the professional and neat look.

The newer versions of chef coats include denim jackets, pinstriped pants, and aprons and hats that go with the attire. Certain restaurants that specialize in specific cuisine feature chefs wearing custom made coats that symbolize the food served in the restaurant. Chefs donning pasta patterned pants and women chefs flaunting a streamlined fit no longer raise eyebrows. In fact, customers admire them!

The Food Is Good When The Chef’s Happy

Cooking is not an easy job, especially in the restaurants. However, chefs are usually happy while cooking because this is what they love to do and this is why they are chefs in the first place. Well, they can make you happy by putting together a savory meal.

Do chef coats have something to do with a chef’s happiness? Absolutely! An ill-fitted, unpleasant coat can irritate a chef and this reflects in the food they serve you. Even if they are the best cooks and vying for an Award, their sloppy coat can doom their day.

It’s crucial to wear the best coat that enhances your personality so that you’re able to cook with a happy mind. No chef should be seen in his or her casual attire. Stylish and professional-looking chef coats speak for themselves. The rest, you can say with your dishes!