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All You Need To Know About Chefs Hat

While there are many theories and beliefs on origin of a chefs hat, in modern times it has evolved both as a functional item as well as a distinction. There is hardly any chef who does not wear a chef hat in order to look complete. In fact, meal cooked by a person who wears a chef hat is usually tastier.

A tall white hat which is also called Toque Blanc is considered an essential part of the professional Chef’s uniform. Sometimes, it typically identifies the head chef. Traditionally, chef hats used to be aesthetic but these days those chef hats are in demands that are comfortable and functional.

A Brief History

It was in sixth and seventh centuries when workers from different professions adopted the customary grab of the monks. This traditional grab eventually took different shapes. It was in 19th century when the famous chef named Antonin Carême started popularizing tall white hats for different reasons. These tall white hats are worn even today by chef’s world over.

Aesthetic Purposes

Chef hats essentially convey a professional appearance and also add a sense of completion to a chef’s uniform. It is also believed that the height of a chef hat conveys the chef’s position. The taller the hat is, the more experienced chef is considered to be. The pleats in the hat are known to convey the chef’s expertise.

Keeping Clean

Hats keep the chefs hair under wrap and therefore prevent it from falling into the food. Moreover, the brim of a chefs hat absorbs the sweat and prevents it from dripping on the chef’s face or food. In fact, sanitary considerations are considered to be the main reason why chefs wear hats.

Comfort Purposes

Chef hats are made in a way that it allows heat dissipation and air circulation thereby keeping a chef’s head cool. This comforts chefs and don’t allow them to worry about sweat.

Current Trends in Chefs Hats

These days, a toque blanch is not very much preferred. Instead a hat that supports clean and healthy surroundings and also comforts the chef is preferred.

Buying Chefs Hat

You can buy chefs hats online as there are multitudes of options available. Moreover, at an online store you can get discounted prices and great deals. Try to buy it from a reputed online store such as www.kng.com. At KNG you will not only get chef hats that are made of good quality material, it will also be extremely durable. At KNG, you also get full 90 day money back guarantee and a 150% low price guarantee.

It is better to buy a chef hat that is made of cotton or spun poly cotton as cotton is a breathable fabric and it does not shrink. Also, make sure that the hat’s material is color-fast.

A chef hat not only presents a professional look, it also makes a chef look complete. In fact, a Chefs Hat can perfectly connote the idea of the culinary art. Therefore, it is must for every chef to buy a good chefs hat.