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5 Top-Reviewed Athlete-Owned Restaurants

Just as we featured last December some Hollywood celebrities who have ventured successfully in restaurant businesses, we shall now take a look at how famous athletes did the same thing. Here are 5 of the best athlete-owned restaurants in America:

Dan Marino’s Dan Marino’s – Miami and Las Vegas

Simply named Dan Marino’s, the football quarterback’s dining business evidently banks on name-brand recognition to attract patrons to their Florida and Las Vegas restaurants. But it’s not just that—the Miami Dolphins hero made sure that the restaurant has what it takes to be worth a visit—it’s near the ocean and the food is said to be really commendable—and they even have some of their recipes on their website.

Gary Payton’s The Kingfish Café – Seattle, Wash.

Former NBA point guard Gary Payton is well-known for his thirteen-year plays with the Seattle Supersonics. But that’s not all—in the restaurant world, he is also known to be a part-owner of The Kingfish Café which made it to the Top Five Best Athlete-Owned Restaurants in town. The menu featured in their elegant restaurant menus as well as in their stylish menu card holders is said to be as entertaining to read as it is to eat—Down Home Mac & Cheese, Sho’Nuff Green Tomatoes, Hoppin’ John Griddle Jacks. And their cream-cheese layered red velvet cake is said to be a sure winner.

Tony Hawk’s Market –Del Mar, Calif.

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk proved himself not just as the “Birdman” but a legitimate foodie by investing in Market, one of Del Mar, California’s hottest spots. Their must-tries include a California treat with heirloom tomato, burrata salad served with white parmesan cheddar cheese stick, rich dill dressing and sweet corn. Then there’s this blue cheese soufflé dished up with Santa Rosa plums, butter lettuce, candied almonds and peach preserves. All’s advised to book in advance as the place gets jam-packed fast.

Nate Kaeding’s Short’s Burger and Shine – Iowa City, Iowa

Nate Kaeding might be placekicking for the San Diego Chargers, but he maintained his ties with his Iowa City hometown by getting a stake at unpretentious Shorts Burger and Shine, famous for their fresh, “never frozen,” locally-grown Angus beef and locally-produced craft beer and cider. Highly recommended, highlighted in their elegant restaurant menus and menu card holders, is the Popejoy, a muddled assortment of provolone, capicola and muffaletta sauce.

Evander Holyfield’s Annie Laura’s Kitchen – Riverdale, Georgia

Former undisputed heavyweight and cruiserweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield gives tribute to his mother by naming his restaurant after her. The restaurant is homey, the type that welcomes you with vibrant smells of soul food as you enter, making you think of Sunday dinner. And the price is as homey, too.

We actually have 10 of them, but we wanted to give you the initial batch first. Try and mentally guess the next batch that we shall release next month–athletes from the field of golf, basketball, two from hockey and another one from football.