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Wendy’s Won 2011 Golden Tweet Award

Wendy’s won Twitter’s Golden Tweet award this year, a recognition given to a promotional campaign that received the most number of re-tweets on the duration of the promo.

The winning campaign, Wendy’s Father’s Day promoted tweet that said “RT (re-tweet) for a good cause. Each re-tweet sends 50¢ to help kids in foster care. #TreatItFwd,” was able to raise $50,000 which was used to assist in caring for foster children.

A promoted tweet is a regular tweet that is bought by advertisers who wish to ignite engagement with their followers and at the same time want to connect with a wider range of users. It is visibly labeled as “promoted” once a company pays for its placement on Twitter. It can be replied to, re-tweeted and “favorited” just like a regular tweet.

Wendy’s senior vice president of communications Denny Lynch said that their Father’s Day message became successful because of its very simplicity. Combined with their other fundraising efforts, the company was already able to raise a total of $1.8 million for the benefit of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

“We wanted a tweet that is easy for our consumers to engage in, and at the same time allow them to receive a particular benefit,” said Lynch. “Re-tweeting the message can do them some good, and the very activity doesn’t take much effort on their part.”

Last year’s winning Golden Tweet came from the late-night cable comedian Stephen Colbert, with his tweet, “in honor of oil-soaked birds, ‘tweets’ are now gurgles.” The promoted tweet came out in the wake of the oil spill of the Deepwater Horizon at the Gulf of Mexico.

And this year, it was Wendy’s turn. “This is our second year in using promoted tweets in our campaigns,” said Lynch.

The price for a promoted tweet can be inquired directly with Twitter, as it varies and is not made public. But Lynch claims that it is more efficient as compared to other social media ads. Wendy’s, with its staff in quality restaurant uniforms, also uses Youtube and Facebook as advertising platforms.

“Social media has been crafted to create individual conversations among its users, and the more that a company engages their consumers, the more that they become interested in the brand,” Lynch said. “A business should look at its targeted audience, and then check how they make use of social media. After that they can find the right tactics that would make sense with their consumers.”

At around the same time that the Golden Tweet award went to Wendy’s, McDonald’s Corp., with their management and staff in superior restaurant uniforms, also purchased a promoted tweet to pave the way to the launching of a Big Mac promotion. The broadcasted promoted tweet says, “It’s one of the most famous burgers in the world for a reason. Reacquaint yourself with the #BigMac.”