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Tablet-Ordering Systems Soon To Be Out In the Market

Cafe Menu CoverSmartPhone apps and tablet computers are really out to make our lives better.  We can now order food items at a restaurant without calling a waiter—all we have to do is tap what we want on an iPad and we can have what the order in just a few minutes.

Companies are now experimenting on tablet-ordering systems in restaurants and are hoping to launch the programs within this year.  The restaurant’s menu will now be taken out of its menu cover, its contents stored on a tablet PC, giving complete description of the food items and the way it was prepared, which reduces risk of errors during order-taking.  The move also hopes to diminish labor costs because waiters will now be able to cover more tables.  One company that’s currently developing this new technology is Silicon Valley Technologies, with their three-part ordering technology TaggToGo.com.  TaggToGo.com includes the web, mobile telephone apps as well as the tablet PC-ordering system.

Gary Mekikian, representative of Silicon Valley Technologies, says that one of the many benefits of ordering through tablets is its impact on possible errors in getting food orders from huge groups.  Problems often arise when servers fail to remember what each customer orders, their choices and their special instructions, writing it out and recording correctly.  TaggToGo plans to solve that problem.

The idea is for the restaurant to have a 3G or WiFi-enabled gadget that can be handed to the customers.  Each member will be given a chance to read through the menu, with their elegant menu cover and place their order.  After everyone gets their chance to order, the tablet goes to the waiting station where the order can be printed on paper or automatically transmitted to the kitchen.  The process reduces possible order inaccuracies and creates excitement and entertainment for the customers.  Silicon Valley Technologies is now currently extending this ordering system to the iPhone, Androids and Blackberry, too.

This kind of system of placing food orders through the internet has been in practice for sometime now, but what makes TaggToGo.com different is that it was able to build a platform where restaurants can accept orders directly from their own websites, hence eliminating the need to give 50% rebates to the networks.

One “fun” side of the system is its ability to connect their customers to one another in an instant social network.  It gives you an option to log in to the social networking site and make yourself visible, where other customers can see and communicate with you through their iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to order drinks or food for someone else in the restaurant, or them sending you one, if you allow them to.  You can chat, or play simple games with the other customers, thus making your dining experience a lot more fun, innovative and exciting.

Another notable feature of TaggToGo.com is its ability to help restaurants up sell to customers.  The system automatically offers other menu items like drinks, side orders and dessert before it allows the client to finalize his order.   It also eradicates chances of missed orders during the restaurant’s busy hours, as all online orders can be configured to fax, phone call notifications or email.  Lost revenue due to jammed telephone lines can now be considered history.

In these days where technological breakthroughs in the form of apps come so fast, a restaurant should not allow itself to be lagged behind.  Take it one app at a time, and what better way to start than with TaggTogo.com.