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Restaurants Regained Jobs Lost During Recession Through Continuous Growth In Employment Level

True to what America Works Here stands for, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported earlier this month that the restaurant industry’s employment levels persisted in its steady growth the past months.

If you’d remember, we featured here last month how the National Restaurant Association (NRA) ran the ad campaign America Works Here for several months in major Capitol Hills publications to remind legislators to go easy on their laws as a way of supporting the industry. It highlighted the fact that one out of ten Americans work at restaurants, smart in their stylish restaurant uniforms; and given the right support, the industry can soar higher in benefitting the country’s communities, economy and careers.

The country’s economy is said to have gotten off to a good start this year, according to an employment report submitted last month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Private businesses maintained its steady increase with a growth of 257,000 jobs last month, while the public sector shed 14,000.

The good news is that restaurant businesses remained to be one of America’s unremitting job creators. Dining places gave 32,800 jobs this January, and was reported to have regained all the jobs that it lost during the recession. The annual BLS report revealed that the restaurant industry was able to do this as of November 2011, as it was able to provide 105,000 more employment than how it did prior to the recession.

Based on NRA’s Fact Book, the total sales of U.S. restaurants in 2011 reached $604 billion, which is equal to 4% of the country’s gross domestic product. With that, it was able to employ 12.8 million people—10% of America’s workforce.

As NRA’s President and CEO Dawn Sweeney said, “the restaurant trade is one of the few industries that have managed to grow despite the economic odds that surrounded it, and was able to provide quality jobs—staff in their cozy restaurant uniforms—that made room to fulfilling careers in the industry.”

Studies have shown that every additional million dollars in restaurant sales creates an additional 34 jobs for the country’s economy, as 93% of today’s restaurant businesses have fewer than 50 employees. It predicts that the industry will be able to add 1.3 million more jobs over the next ten years, with employment reaching 14.1 million by the year 2021.

“Should restaurant operators be provided with greater regulatory certainty, more stable energy costs, secure commodity prices and consumer confidence, today’s restaurateurs will thrive in providing more jobs, paving the way for bigger opportunities to more Americans,” Sweeney added.