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Restaurant Solutions Outpacing Each Other

The DeNorma Electronic Smart Menu made its debut at the National Restaurant Association Show last May, and was chosen by many of the participants as one of the Top Ten Products for this year’s NRA show.

A favorite feature among dining-out lovers is its being a smart mobile menu, which allows customers to directly browse, order and pay for their choices at dining places.  According to DeNorma executives,  the seven-inch server tablet can be handed to every diner in the restaurant where the guest  can customize the menu display – he can narrow down his options to only see vegetarian meals, meals with lower calorie counts, or just the specials.  With just a few easy clicks, the guest can order and state specific requests like how he wants his steaks done, how he wants his salad dressings served, or any other dietary specifications. The tablet has its own proprietary card reader, saving the guests ample time in expediting the payment with their wait staff in restaurant uniforms.  They want to split the bill?  The tablet is programmed to do that too.

As the guest sees all of the restaurant’s menu specials, establishment updates, local news, sports updates (or anything else that management wishes to show in its home page, which serves as its digital signage), he can also add his own texts, such as comments or birthday greetings.  If he came with a big group that occupied multiple tables, he could video-conference with his other friends to discuss their orders.

If DeNorma is an exciting thing for consumers, all the more that it is for restaurant and hotel operators.  It does not only make ordering easier and stirring for their customers, it allows restaurateurs and hoteliers to keep track of their consumers too.  The gadget is programmed to collect real-time analytics on customers’ preferences, habits and loyalty.  Other than that, the tablet also offers table management solutions that make life simpler for dining places – it can track and monitor orders, serving intervals and even stock inventory based on the ordered items for the day.

And oh, it doesn’t stop at customer or table management.  It tracks the bottles in the restaurant’s bar, manages its employees in their server uniforms and provides onsite and remote security to the establishment, too.

The device resembles an iPad but is said to cost less, requiring a lesser outlay for restaurants. With that, we can very well expect that if this tool is as efficient as it says it is, there’d soon be a spate of DeNormas in hotels and restaurants across the country. The two brothers running the show for the electronic menu have been running the software development firm for years now, and their imagination seems limitless as far as offering solutions is concerned.   Their ideas do not end at the restaurant and hospitality industry, as according to them, the tablet and software is functional in retail locations and the medical field as well, applying the same features in the respective fields.  Again, if things work as competently as it is said, then we can very well agree to DeNorma’s tagline of taking hold of the future.  But then again, with all these technological breakthroughs happening everywhere every minute of every day, with all these restaurant gadgets outpacing each other, who knows what else could
come next?