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Promote Take-Out and Delivery This Halloween, Experts Advise

Restaurants should start getting ready for the upcoming Halloween weekend by promoting take-out and delivery. This, as advised by the National Restaurant Association after they have conducted a new research recently.

“While Halloween is not considered a traditional occasion for dining out, it is still a celebration for a lot of Americans—one which hugely involves the role of restaurants,” said Hudson Riehle, the NRA’S Research and Knowledge Group senior vice president. “This would also be a good boost in sales, taking into account the fact that this year’s Halloween falls on a Monday—the slowest day of the week in the industry.”

The NRA surveyed a total of 1,116 American adults last week and asked them about their plans for this year’s Halloween weekend. Here are some results of the study that restaurants can deem useful:

• 20% of Americans say that they intend to order delivery or take-out from a restaurant while awaiting trick-or-treaters this Halloween. This figure increases to 33% and 28% among millennials (18-34) and families who have children.

• 16% of adults plan to go out to a bar or restaurant to celebrate Halloween on October 31 or during the weekend. Again, millennials are more inclined to do this than the older adults.

• When asked regarding their most important consideration in choosing a bar or restaurant for their Halloween celebration, Halloween costumes and happy hours were the top answers.

– 32% prioritizes restaurants with a happy hour, or other special low-priced promos

– 22% finds Halloween competitions and costumes important

– 16% prefers restaurants that have family and children-oriented activities

– 15% plans to go to bars and restaurants that are near to places that have Halloween parties, haunted houses or Halloween parades

– 7% says they will choose restaurants that have Halloween-themed food and beverage that the chefs in superior chefs clothing have created, as well as Halloween decorations

Many restaurants have taken heed of the advice, and have started creating a buzz about their take-out and delivery promotions, advertising it on the internet and giving away flyers to make the most of the season. Some are showcasing their Halloween-themed limited time offers:

• Krispy Kreme Doughnuts will show-off the Halloween specialties of their chefs in cool chefs clothing, Krispy Skremes—which includes the Jack-o-Lantern, the Chocolate Iced with Halloween Sprinkles, and the Spider Web Doughnut.

• Dunkin Donuts is featuring the comeback of the Boston Scream and a free Halloween treat bag for a purchase of 50 munchkins.

• Wendy’s features the return of their Jr. Frosty Halloween Trick or Treat gift books, sold for only one dollar in support of an adoption fundraiser.

• Jack in the Box has their Pumpkin Pie Shake, which will be offered till the end of the year.

• Baskin Robbins highlights this month’s specialty, an ice cream that’s aptly named Trick-Oreo-Treat.

• Dairy Queen introduces the Pumpkin Pie, their blizzard of the month.

• TGI Friday’s Halloween fest runs for three nights, where guests are encouraged to come in Halloween outfits, get free appetizers and join the costume contest.

• McDonald’s plan to give a bag of apple slices to customers under the ages of 12 who come in costumes.