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Old-Fashioned Leather Menu Covers Back In Business

It is the age of survival of the fittest in any sphere of activity. In order to get ahead of the fierce competition, it is necessary to be ahead of others in terms of quality and service. Restaurants are no exception to this current business trend, and for a restaurant to survive and to flourish, it is necessary that its food, ambience, and service should stand out from others. The good old traditional menu cover has a pride of place in this whole process.

Laminated Menu Covers Are Passè

One way of making a restaurant find a pride of place among the multitude of eating joints is to establish a good brand and provide delectable food in a beautiful, amiable ambience. An essential ingredient of this is a beautiful, attractive menu with a luxurious and durable menu cover. Many restaurants use laminated covers over menus, and although the lamination protects the menu page from being spoilt by drinks and food spilt on them, they do not appear elegant.

Importance of an Attractive Menu

When a customer enters a restaurant, the first thing that he is handed after being seated is a menu. The person looks at the ambience of the place and then turns his attention to the menu. His first impression of the menu will go a long way in his assessment of the restaurant. There is no doubt that the quality of food and the service are also the determining factors for him to keep coming back to the restaurant. In this respect, traditional menus, with plastic, leather, or fabric covers, are now back in vogue because the menu pages are held separately and can be replaced when the prices are revised, without having to discard the entire menu altogether.

Traditional Menus Back In Vogue

Traditional menus with beautiful covers give a classy look and reflect the image of the restaurant. As such, they should be designed creatively, preferably with the help of design experts. The material of the menu cover is an important factor because the ultimate look of the menu will depend largely on the quality of material of the cover. Leather menu covers are by far the most popular because no other material provides a similar rich, elegant, and luxurious look. These menu covers are soft to the touch and come in many colors and can be adorned with metal tags. All that is needed is a little bit of creativity to make a luxurious, beautiful, and attractive leather menu cover that is appreciated by customers and leaves a lasting impression.

The traditional menu covers look more stylish and are more practical than the laminated ones because the laminated menus cannot be altered to make any change. If soiled, the entire laminated menu will have to be discarded and a replacement will have to be made. On the other hand, the traditional menu covers are durable and long lasting and need not be changed for making any alterations in the menu or for inserting or removing any page. The high initial cost of the traditional menu covers will pay for itself in the long run.

Star ratings can be used to indicate the dishes that are a favourite among customers, and the daily specialties can be added or removed each day.
The traditional menu covers are utility based because they protect the menu from grease, spills, and other possible damage due to excessive use. They can also be cleaned easily and look new all the time.

Laminated menus, which get soiled easily and need to be replaced constantly, are now making way for the more expensive but elegant and durable leather menu covers.