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NRA and Living Social Partner Together To Help U.S. Restaurant Operators

The National Restaurant Association and online daily-deals business Living Social announced last month that they will work together to help restaurant operators increase their restaurant sales and build-up consumers’ restaurant brand awareness.

The collaboration hopes to do this by informing and educating restaurateurs on every possible marketing channel that they can embark on, giving focus on doing a major research study regarding the current restaurant marketing strategies and the attitude of today’s consumers.

“The NRA is enthusiastic with its partnership with Living Social, as we hope to have a better understanding of the effective ways that restaurant operators can market their businesses locally and nationally,” said NRA’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer James Balda. “The revenue of the restaurant industry has been predicted to reach $632 billion this year, giving emphasis on the industry’s vital role in the country’s economic recovery and employment growth. To be able to boost sales and provide more jobs, operators must closely track consumer trends and use those trends to meet guest expectations.” Job opportunities, as expected, include restaurant servers in elegant bib aprons and chefs in classy chef clothes.

Living Social’s Senior Vice President of Sales Mandy Cole is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “Our merchant base mostly consists of restaurants and our goal now is to help these merchants attract and maintain new customers. We are happy to be working with the NRA, and we look forward to applying whatever knowledge we gain in this relationship so we can better serve Living Social’s restaurant merchants.”

The country’s foodservice and restaurant industry is said to feed not only the people of America, but the economy as well. It is currently the second leading private sector employer in the country, creating jobs for more than 12.9 million Americans in about 970,000 locations across the U.S.—majority of them being servers in classy bib aprons.

Washington, D.C.-based Living Social, on the other hand, provides people all over the world with opportunities of finding great shopping and service deals online. It helps online shoppers get more out of their city through its everyday alerts and emails to its steadfast subscribers, which has already reached to 46 million in 25 countries. Its recent partnership with the NRA will not only help the major and minor players in the restaurant industry, but the consumers as well, as both parties exert efforts in providing restaurant diners the best deals that they can get from their local dining places.

The National Restaurant Association, established in 1919, is the top business alliance of restaurants in the U.S., with 970,000 foodservice and restaurant outlets and a total workforce of almost 13 million employees.