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New Restaurant Franchise Concept: Food, Beer and Haircut, All Under One Roof

Nation’s Restaurant News recently reported another restaurant concept that has come up: salon restobars—a place where customers can have a haircut, grab a cold beer, and eat a hot Panini.

The idea is to make haircut a leisurely activity—something that’s less of a chore—and come up with an innovative concept that combines the hairstyling industry with that of restaurants. And Applebee’s did just that—a barbershop, a restaurant and a mini bar, all under one roof: Minibar.ber.shop. Food, beer and haircut.

One of Applebee’s franchise developers, Evan Musikantow, has ventured into this entirely new “mixed” concept which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Minibar.ber.shop was designed to be a franchise model, and we think that there’s really a niche out there,” Musikantow said. “This is the first time that someone has effectively franchised an inventive, great salon.”

The 3,300-square-foot place is classy, modern and stands out in its neat black-and-white furnishings. A glass wall sets the restobar apart from the barbershop, and leads to a retail shopping area where men’s grooming items are sold. The restaurant has 40 seats and serves all meals—dinner, lunch and breakfast. Customers can also choose from a variety of bar snacks in the shop’s elegant menus in well-designed restaurant menu covers—grilled sandwiches, spinach dip, hummus, bruschetta, salads, desserts, cheese plates, fruit plates and pastries. As for beverages, the bar serves a wide range of them—sodas, coffee, beer, sake, wine, champagne, and many more. The average bill goes as low as $10, including beverages.

And no, customers need not worry about hair falling on their food—the place has no kitchen, and all food is prepared at a nearby French restaurant, delivered daily.

A VIP room is also offered to guests in “entourage style” groups who wish to hold pre-wedding stag parties, watch Sunday football shows, drink beer, choose food from their menus in quality restaurant menu covers, and get haircuts. The place is ideal for parties or events, too, as it is said to be equipped with top-of-the-line sound system.

The barbershop has exciting, creative offerings, playing off Minibar.ber.shop’s bar aspect. They offer “a shot,” which includes an eyebrow trim and a hot-towel shave with the haircut; and “a double” for a cut that includes shampoo, eyebrow trim and hot-towel shave.

The salon restobar’s target is men, but it turned out to be appealing to women, too.

While most people are skeptical if the new concept will work, Musikantow is positive that the idea is a hit. “So far, so good. People come in and they’re so pleasantly shocked,” he said. “Haircut, really, needs not be a chore.”

He is so sold out to the idea that Minibar.ber.shop will soon open new locations in Nevada, Florida, California, New York and Texas.