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Menu Covers – The Window to a World of Culinary Delights

Leather Menu CoverMenu covers say a lot about your restaurant facilities. Like trailers that give you a peek into forthcoming movies, menu covers offer you an insight into what cuisines you can enjoy at a diner. All upscale restaurateurs understand the value of creating visually impressive menu covers for their eateries that can complement their ambience and appeal to their customers.

Menu covers typically stand for the style, service, and quality a restaurant offers. These should be designed in keeping with the overall décor and character of the dining environment. Restaurant menu covers have to be elegantly prepared and exquisitely designed to serve as an invitation for enjoying an evening of the finest cuisines. Menu covers may not necessarily bring in more traffic to your diner but go a long way in forming their impressions about you. Chances are you will get repeat customers if you have visibly impressive menu covers. You must remember that you have to provide superlative customer service when you want to boast of a high-end clientele.

Restaurant menu covers contribute immensely to an eatery’s branding or promotional efforts. It is perhaps the first point of contact between a restaurant and its customer and therefore an ideal platform for creating the perfect first impression. Restaurant menu covers must lure the guests into seeing what the diner can offer its guests.

How To Design Menu Covers:

•    Research well to see how your competitors have designed their menu covers. You can borrow the good points and try to improvise on the not-so-good features so as to create a unique cover.
•    Elements of shape, size, colors, and texture must be duly considered when designing menu covers. These should be chosen in a way that helps make the cover an expression of the restaurant’s overall personality. A simple looking design suits an elegant ambience, whereas a flashy cover goes best with a trendy ambience.
•    The print on the menu covers must be legible. The size of the covers must be comfortable for guests to handle with ease. For easier readability, larger fonts are preferred. Most covers are designed with quality paper, ranging from the standard 16 lbs to the heavier and embossed 20 lbs.
•    Using the cover for branding is a must. The restaurant logo and name should be included in it.
•    To keep the menu covers looking fresh and relevant, they must be updated regularly.
•    The cover must be an indication of what lies inside. Updating the dishes can be a great way of keeping your customers intrigued and popularizing your brand image.
•    Menu covers must have adaptable designs to accommodate changes that you can make to your menus in every season.

How To Store Menu Covers:

•    Store menu covers at a constant temperature to avoid cracking or warping that occurs due to extreme weather conditions.
•    Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause restaurant menu covers to crack and get discolored.
•    Menu covers ought to be stored flat inside menu boxes to prevent the edges and surfaces from getting damaged.
•    Using quaternary sanitizer for cleaning is recommended as it is least damaging for menu cover surfaces. Citrus-based cleaners and bleaches that can cause discoloration must be avoided.

Menu covers are integral to your restaurant décor and ambience. When your guests are presented with embossed leather restaurant menu covers, they are more likely to form favorable impressions about your diner than if they were to be handed plastic menus covers. The idea is to buy menu covers from a company that pledges not to sacrifice quality for price.