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Looking Forward To Apps Like TapInGo

Leather Menu CoverGetting food from a fast food restaurant is not really fast :  you go to a coffee shop, look for parking, walk towards the restaurant, fall in line, take a good look at the menu, menu cover, or menu holder, order and wait for your food, pay and wait for your change.   So much time have been eaten up, you might as well have gone back home and prepared yourself up a snack. With this common dilemma in mind, another mobile phone application has been developed to make life easier for consumers – TapInGo .  TapInGo aims to make fast food faster for you.

TapInGo allows you to facilitate your order while you are on the road – you tap your order using your cell phone, tap in your credit card details, then drop by at the restaurant and pick up your food. In a click (or in a tap, more appropriately) you can see the food choices, their prices and the button that allows you to order and pay for all of the things you need. With TapInGo, your mobile phones can now be extensions of your credit cards, as well as an annex of your favorite restaurants—similar to having your own personal menu cover in your pocket.  People can now get their breakfast, lunch and dinner meals as swiftly and as competently as possible, not leaving any second to waste.

Guy Bauman, TapInGo’s vice president for marketing, said that the idea is patterned after how we are used to buying many things over the phone – they just extended the idea over to ordering food.  Ease of use, both for the consumers and the restaurant owners, is what they aim with this on-the-go lifestyle innovation.  Unlike the usual method, this whole process is clear and unambiguous – the price is laid out, the orders come directly from the customer, and the delivery times are set.  It lessens the chances of misunderstanding.

The app is perfect for the restaurants owners too, as TapInGo makes available to them the most uncomplicated and the most convenient method of taking outside orders.  Unlike other app services that try to link web or cell phones to their business, they don’t have to install any special system, purchase anything, or require phone codes.  The application simply transmits the orders into the restaurant’s current order scheme, and the payment goes straight to the establishment’s point-of-sales system.  The order gets to be prepared in the kitchen just like how it is when the customer stands in line at the restaurant’s order counter.

The company’s arrangement with the business owners is revenue sharing, where TapInGo gets a percentage of the sale for getting them the business.  It’s a fairly reasonable deal, as it would cost the restaurants nothing at all, and the customers pay the same amount whether they order through TapInGo or direct to the restaurant.

Installing the application is hassle free as well. All you have to do is to sign up at their website, tapingo.com, and a one-step installation instruction will be given to you through your email for your mobile.  It is now also available at the App Store for iPhone, Blackberry and Android in Israel.
It has been softly launched the past months, but has been at its full swing only in the recent few weeks.  And pretty soon they plan to extend it to the United States, too.

The application has bold plans of conquering not just the restaurant business, but retail and banking as well.  Many think that the app should be brought to America soon.  And why not? Whether one is at home, on the run, at the office, at the gym or while he is stuck in traffic, he can easily facilitate his transactions through apps like this.   With all these technological developments going on, it’s the consumer who ultimately gains, as life has become more and more easy and convenient for him.