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Hispanics Love Quick-Serve Restaurants

Hispanic diners love fast-food.

That’s according to a recent study done by American-Spanish language media firm Univision Communications, Inc., in partnership with research company Burke Inc., where they carried out a survey of 1,250 Hispanics and another 1,250 non-Hispanics about their attitudes and habits towards fast-food restaurants.

The result of the study showed that quick-service restaurants have a big opportunity in capturing this demographic group, as Hispanics were found to be the most frequent visitors to fast-food joints and have the tendency to spend more per transaction as compared to other market groups.

Frequent visitors

There are 50 million Hispanics living in America today, accumulating a combined purchasing power of $1 trillion. A large part of their disposable income is said to be spent on fast-food restaurants– their total visits, which totaled to 8.2 billion, represent 17% of the total traffic of fast foods in the U.S.

Hispanics were found to visit fast-food restaurants 10 times in a span of 30-days. The young ones within the Millenial demographics (19 – 31) dine out more frequently, reaching as much as 12 times in a span of 30 days. All the other demographic groups only average from 7 to 8 visits in a month.

And they’re known to visit in groups. A typical visit to a quick-serve restaurant usually means there are 2.9 persons in the group, as compared to the general population’s 2.1 people per party. 34% of Hispanics are likely to have children with them when they dine-out, compared with non-Hispanics, which only comprise 25%. 28% of them bring other family members, and 25% brings friends. Hispanics still stand-out in both areas, as only 20% of non-Hispanics brings other family members when they dine-out, and only 18% brings friends.

Yields more profit

Hispanics’ total purchase of tasty dishes created by fast food restaurants’ chefs, in their quality chefs clothing, summed up to $43 billion. This represents 18% of the total amount of dollars spent on fast food in the country.

In all dayparts apart from dinner, Latinos have higher average visits to quick-serve restaurants than other demographic sets. Univision’s study says that 47% of Hispanic customers recently dined at a fast food joint for breakfast –while other demographic sets have 30%–, and 34% came to visit for a late-afternoon snack, as compared to 17% of the non-Hispanic diners.

Restaurants tend to profit more from Latinos, as 93% of them order both food and beverage when they visit a fast-food restaurant; unlike non-Hispanics who often forgo buying drinks with their food. Latinos were also found to be lesser users of coupons (25%) as compared to the other demographic groups (30%).

Other findings include:

Hispanics are found to give more importance to community over convenience. While the other demographic sets claim that they visit fastfood because they need a quick meal, Hispanics say they are drawn to fastfood because of the restaurant’s community atmosphere, the chefs’ (in their cool chefs clothing) use of Hispanic ingredients, healthy menu and fresh foods.

When asked in which type of fast-food restaurant are they likely to dine at, 96% said they would go to a burger joint, 72% said they’d go to a sandwich shop, while 66% they are likely to eat at a pizza restaurant.