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Hispanic Customers Want To Dine At Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Everyone’s out to tap today’s highly diversified market.

And as restaurants plan on diversity and look into serving Hispanic diners, restaurant industry analysts advise that they should also look into gearing their food and service restaurant operations toward Hispanic families. This advice comes from the NPD Group; built on the results of a new research they conducted.

5.8 billion restaurant visits in 6 months

In NPD’s recent Crest Hispanic Foodservice Market Research, it was found out that the family orientation of Hispanics in the U.S. stretches to dining-out—a little over 40% of Hispanic diners’ visit to restaurants includes children as compared to 30% of visits done by non-Hispanics.

The Hispanics, a general ethnic term that the North American culture associates primarily with Latin American and other Spanish speaking countries, are said to represent 16% of the population of America based on U.S. Census in 2010. CREST Hispanic, the NPD Group’s market research arm which concentrates on understanding Hispanic market trends, reported that this cultural group made a staggering total of 5.8 billion visits to restaurants from January to June of this year. In these visits, Hispanics rarely dine in groups of two—they either dine alone or by groups, which almost always include children. Statistics showed that among diners who visit restaurants in groups of 3 or more, 45% are Hispanics while 32% are not.

The research also showed that language is a significant factor in the U.S. Hispanics’ use of restaurants—their Spanish language being an important aspect of the home life of 88% of Hispanics in America. 52% are bilingual, speaking English and Spanish in the same degree at home; more than 25% speaks Spanish more dominantly than any other languages; while 21% turned out to be English dominant. Among these, the traditional Spanish-dominant ones are those who are likely to bring children in their restaurant visits.

Restaurants to apportion marketing efforts on Hispanic families and children

“Restaurant operators who are aiming to tap the diverse ethnic market are best advised to focus their marketing efforts to Hispanics around their family and children,” said Michele Schmal, vice president for Product Management at NPD. “Hispanic consumers will visit restaurants that make their children feel more welcome.”

Large chains have taken the lead, significantly changing their kids’ meals to make it more friendly and welcoming. McDonald’s chefs in smart-looking chef apron have made its famous Happy Meals healthier by reducing portions of their French Fries and making milk the preset option for beverage.

Burger King has made itself kid-hospitable, too, by providing Apple Fries with each meal and launching oatmeal as a possible BK Kids Meal choice during breakfast. Fun giveaways are also included in the kids’ package, such as toys, games and a BK Crown they can wear while dining.

Bob Evans anticipates children and families in their restaurant with their Family Meals To Go, saying that that the move would surely enhance the value focus of their brand. Denny’s and their chefs in cool chef apron have their tie-up with the animated comedy film “Arthur Christmas” to encourage families to visit them, as well as their “Taste of The Holidays” menu which highlights kid-friendly items Arthur’s Christmas Cookie Pancakes and Arthur’s Milk and Cookies Shake.