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Enticing Customers With Attractive Menu Covers

Menu CoverEating out is a favorite pastime for most people and attractive menu covers are necessary to lure the hungry customer. For many, eating out is  often a time to relax and tell one another what’s going on in their lives or just a means to get together with old friends. Whatever the reason, people frequent those restaurants where they feel comfortable, where the atmosphere is friendly and ambience is inviting. What is on the menu is of utmost importance and this includes the menu covers.
The menu cover a restaurant is using tells the customer the type of clientele the restaurant caters to and the type of food it delivers.  It is all about appearance and creates a lasting impression on the customer. If the menu cover is tattered and torn, then the customer is bound to think the place is cheap and not well maintained. If the menu cover is an expensive one, with gold or silver inlays, then, the customer may feel the restaurant is very expensive. The type of menu cover a restaurateur chooses should be suited to the type of food, the restaurant type and prices of food items on the menu.

Types Of Menu Covers

There are innumerable types of menu cover options available.  These include covers made from paper, plastic, wood, leather, fabric and metal. For each material, there are several options on offer. For example, for menu covers made of paper, it could be made from bonded paper, treated paper, tempered paper or other types of paper. Similarly, leather menu covers could be of real leather or imitation leather. Eco friendly restaurants and cafes can go in for either wood or bamboo. The material used depends on the type of restaurant and the kind of food served.

Generally, diners and cafes have covers made out of paper that are laminated to prevent them from tearing. They generally replace the menu covers on a yearly basis as the cost involved is very low. Some of the more expensive restaurants have covers made of special paper or inlaid with gold paper or some other kind of metal.

Options Aplenty

Most people go in for custom made restaurant menu covers that contain some special element which represents what the restaurant and its food stands for. Many restaurants have paper menu cards which are placed in leather menu covers which tend to give the whole menu a classy appearance. All this depends on the type of restaurant as well as the price structure. It also depends on how much the restaurateur is willing to spend on the menu design and cover.

There are many companies involved in the business of making menu covers. Some of these covers are ready-made while others are made specially to suit the needs of the customer. Some companies also have online sites from which customers can browse, select and purchase the covers.

Yes, people do go to restaurants and diners to eat. Deciding on what to eat comes after glancing at the menu. This is the first item that reaches the hands of the customer. The impression the customer gets from the restaurant menu covers is very important. This is one place where the book is judged by its cover.