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Dunkin’ Donuts’ Year-Starter Contest Reminded Customers Of Their Resolve To Eat Healthy

Remember our article last week regarding restaurants who are intent on emphasizing “healthy” in response to customers’ resolve to reduce their weight this 2012?

Dunkin Donuts did just that, although they tweaked it a bit. They started the year with a great way to encourage customers to reach for their goals through their DDSMART Twitter Contest.

The contest began on the first working day of the year, January 2 and ended Friday, January 6. On that duration, doughnut-loving customers who have made New Year’s resolutions about smart choices were encouraged to share their goal to @DunkinDonuts on Twitter, making use of its distinct hash tag, #DDSMARTY. All winners received a Dunkin’ Donuts Card worth $50.

The criteria was simple: the contestant should be able to share a smart choice that he (or she) has made for 2012, or reveal a good way to keep him up and about, and running, the whole year through. All entrees were judged based on overall appeal, which comprised 40% of the overall score; adherence to theme, 30%; and creativity and originality, which comprised 30%. One participant tweeted her goal “of doing one secret good deed a month,” and won.

The promotion was, of course, to remind everyone of Dunkin’ Donuts’ DDSMART Healthy Menu, which their chefs in elegant chefs clothing made sure to have reduced fat, calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar.

At a time when almost all who have succumbed to food and drink binges during the holidays are resolved to go on a diet and eat healthier food, the promotion is seemingly on target. The Canton, Mass.-based international doughnut and coffee retailer re-introduced their own range of healthier options for their customers—said to be “better-for-you” treats that, despite the healthy connotation, do not compromise Dunkin’ Donuts’ quality, value and taste.

Most of these treats have less than 300 calories, such as:

• Turkey sausage and veggie variations of their 280-calorie Egg White Flatbread Sandwiches, served on toasted, healthy multi-grain flatbread.

• Breakfast options that are prepared fast and fresh in the form of Wake-up Wraps, served in smaller portions by the chain’s chefs in cool chefs clothing, making sure that the wraps are prepared with lesser calories. They serve it in different varieties, which include the Egg White Turkey Sausage and Egg White Veggie, which both have 150 calories; Egg and Cheese, which has 180 calories; and Egg, Ham and Cheese, which has 200 calories.

• Latte Lite, which has only 80 calories, prepared with Splenda and skim milk

• Their zero-calorie unsweetened teas

• Their freshly brewed iced teas which has 5 calories.

And with these, other restaurants, independents included, get their own ideas for their own healthy menus.