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Climb Aboard iPhone’s New App In Locating Great Restaurant Deals

Have you heard it yet? A new app now offers real-time dining deals to smartphone users.  BiteHunter, a new restaurant search engine that locates remarkable deals on eating and dining has been recently released for the iPhone.  This app allows iPhone users to gain access to wonderful restaurant deals with just a few taps of their smartphone, saving money and time in looking for the perfect place to eat based on their present craving and budget.

If you have had the experience of presenting a coupon in a restaurant that turned out to be expired, then this app is perfect for you.  Or if you are deeply craving for some delectable lobsters but do not know where to get the best deal there is in town, this app is wonderful for you, too.

With the aim of uniting all dining information, dining sites, advertising fliers on your fridge, promotional tweets and texts, BiteHunter gathered everything – all the relevant restaurant happening and activities that are in store for customers.  Having this collection and making it available to you saves you from the trouble of searching for what you want all day. Through your iPhone, you can now:

•    Track down those nearby restaurants who offer everyday deals, Happy Hours, discounts,  Breakfast Specials

•    Know about local dining promotions, including their tweets and tie-ups, such as Groupon, LivingSocial and others

•    Search the restaurant using a list or a map

•    Save yourself from getting overwhelmed with all those deals – BiteHunter categorized the deals for you so you can effortlessly find the kind of arrangement that you’re most comfortable with — percent off, dollar off, prix fixe menu or happy hour

•    Simply type and search for the particular restaurant you want, the cuisine that you prefer, or the type of deal you wish

•    View all the other deals that is being offered by the restaurant that you have selected, check out the reviews, have a glimpse of the menu and even make table reservations

•    Share your discoveries with your friends through Twitter and Facebook

The app has built-in excellent search, discoverability and filtering features. Along with the deal infos comes the restaurant information, reviews, menus, photos and related deals, too.  What makes the app really stand out is its real-time feature, which allows it to convey the deals to its users instantaneously, in the same timeframe that the restaurants release information about the promos to their Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare accounts, as well as to Groupon, LivingSocial and the like.  This means that iPhone users subscribed to the app gets the freshest deals available in town.

Another notable feature is that the app changes tabs depending on the time of day. The Lunch tab during noon changes to Happy Hours and Dinner during evening time.

While a lot say that there are many internet sites that offer the same advantages, the people behind BiteHunters say that they only focus on restaurants and the customers’ dining experience.  Those other internet sites have broader concentrations.  And yes, you can get restaurant recommendations from friends and on specific web review sites, too.  But the evaluation that appears at BiteHunters comes from varied sources, which allow customers to gain access to different opinion, thus permitting them to weigh things and decide more reasonably.   And at the topmost of all these advantages is, of course, the fact that you can do all these with just some quick flickering of your phone.