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Car Dealership Restaurants—A Rising and Growing Dining Concept

We talk about innovation and we talk about restaurants that dare to be unusual –dining places high up in the sky, restaurants ran by children, and salon restaurants, among many.

This new one that we’ll talk about, although not really that unusual, is still on the boarder of the non-traditional—Twin Creeks Café, a restaurant inside a car dealership.

In an article that came out from Nation’s Restaurant News, it’s been said that car dealership showrooms have indeed started to become one of today’s trendy dining sites.

Frank Motor Co. in Fort Worth, Texas, a dealer of Honda cars, recently enhanced and upgraded its dining services, Twin Creeks Café, to provide a better dining experience for its customers. They improved their 40-seat dining area, revamped their menu, along with their menu folders, and repositioned their specialty offerings.

The menu now has a wider range of selections, including tenderloin fillet, grilled fish specialty for the day and eclectic salads with various house-made special dressings. They have also seen to it that the prices are attractive enough for its customers, which are now typically under $12.

“Our recent rebranding proved to be very helpful to our customers,” said Corrie Watson, co-owner of the dealership. “Feedback, so far, has been very positive. They happen to love the convenience we are giving them, and they love our healthy options. We’ve also been receiving requests for catering.”

Twin Creeks Café was originally opened as a healthy and convenient dining alternative to West Fort Worth’s restaurant scene, since the area has been known to be over-saturated with fast food eateries and their host of processed food. The café was a welcome alternative for diners, all the more recently when Café Aspen’s David Rothman joined their team. Café Aspen is one of Fort Worth’s popular restaurants which closed after operating in the city for more than twenty years.

Car dealership restaurants are certainly out of the ordinary. We’ve heard about a foldable restaurant in Montreal, Canada, named MuvBox, which is made from a shipping container; or even La Boite in Austin, Texas, which has an almost similar concept. There’s an eccentric musical café called Bom Banes in Brighton, United Kingdom which has mechanical tables and hats for their guests complete with some wait staff singers who distribute the menus and menu folders; and there’s B.E.D. (Short for beverage, entertainment and dining) in Miami which has beds as chairs for their diners.

But a car dealer restaurant is a complete new concept, and has indeed become a trend in recent years. Auto dealers and restaurateurs have partnered together in auto malls, which also include many types of retailers, including fast food units and fine dining restaurants. There’s one posh place named Bistro 33 in a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Placer County California, and the upscale Dal Toro, a restaurant atop a Lamborghini dealership in Las Vegas.

While most auto companies only install vending machines in their shops, there are those that take a leap, such as siblings Corrie Watson and Will Churchill who hopes to turn Twin Creeks Café into a dining place that would be the best there is in Fort Worth.