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Burger King On Its Way To Its New Look

Burger King is now set towards a revolutionary repositioning – revamps in marketing approaches, overhauls of its menus, tweaks on its operations and interior updates of its 7,204 locations across the U.S., this time less centered on young, fast-food eating guys but more focused on families, moms and the baby boomer age.

The move is said to be the biggest change that happened in the brand’s history, the restaurant chain’s biggest investment to increase restaurant sales in a one-year time frame. The changes, the investments and the effort exerted could actually make-or-break Burger King.

It has not been a secret how the chain has been in rough times lately – Wendy’s replaced them in 2011 as the number 2 burger chain in terms of domestic sales; its leadership and ownership has been deemed unstable for decades now, having had 14 executives running the show in a span of 25 years; same-store sales growth had been seen as negative for 11 successive quarters; and in a country that has been overly-conscious of wellness and health, Burger King’s image has always been far from being “better-for-you.”

But hope can be seen, something which a lot of other restaurants in the country today can very well relate to and learn from. Burger King is now in the process of fixing three things: their menu, marketing and look.

Menu overhaul

The chain, of course, realized its mistake of not keeping up with the rest of the fast-food chains in terms of menu choices and healthier options for their diners. So now they had their chefs create and test over two dozen new menu products, which were eventually narrowed down to ten. These ten were rolled out last month, given extra-attention in the menus and table tents in all their locations across the country.

“The process was truly painstaking,” said Steve Wiborg, the chain’s executive vice president. “We had to drop a lot of other options after several testing despite the expenses we incurred in developing the product. We wanted to make sure that what we have are visually appealing, delicious and those items that our customers actually want.”

They now have new salads, new snack wraps, and new drinks that are all presented in their menus and elegantly-designed table tents.

Marketing tweaks

In terms of marketing, BK is now once again embracing celebrities in their ads, launching food-centered TV commercials which show off David Beckham and TV host Jay Leno, among a lot of other culturally diverse personalities that can easily reach the chains’ target markets. Needless to say, BK is spending its biggest communications push in all of its 58 year history. They also plan to send 40 food trucks across the country to give out and promote BK food at local events. Home deliveries are currently being refined, as well as in-store sampling.

Updating their “look”

And lastly, the “look.” Go inside one of BK’s newly remodeled locations and you’ll feel like more in a casual restaurant than being in fast-food. Digital menu boards; soft, couch-like chairs; avant-garde tables and more red and yellow touches that gives diners the impression of specially-made, quality menu items at (still) very affordable prices.