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Burger King On Its Way To Being A Family-Favorite Restaurant

Here’s the news: Burger King, for all its efforts, have not made it to the parents’ list of favorite restaurants just yet.

In a recent survey done by New York-based market research company YouGov BrandIndex, Burger Kings’ attempts to surpass competitors McDonald’s and Wendy’s in their popularity with kids’ parents has yet to be achieved.

While it is true that Burger King’s appeal to parents has increased because of its latest health efforts, like their chefs in quality chef whites tweaking their kids’ menus with their new BK Crown meal and other latest promotions, BrandIndex’s study “Impression Scores” show that the chain falls behind its other burger rivals, the same as with other brands that parents love, like Subway.

The research firm calculated the results by making a survey of over 5,000 consumers during weekdays over a three-week period, and asked them about their general feeling about a particular brand—whether positively or negatively. The negative answers were subtracted from the positive ones, granting each of the brands featured a score between negative 100 to positive 100. Respondents were parents who have children living with them at home and those who have visited a fast-food restaurant in the last three months

The top performing restaurant turned out to be Subway, followed by Wendy’s and Papa John’s. Lagging behind were Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. Burger King did not make it to the Top Five, having placed No. 10.

“Burger King is not failing with the parents, despite what seems to be the general perception,” said Ted Marzilli, BrandIndex’s senior vice president. “It just happens to be up against stiff competition, as well as heavy advertisers.”

Subway and Wendy’s made it to the top two posts because of their reputation for having chefs in superior chef whites who make quality food; especially Subway which has always had a healthy positioning during the past years. McDonald’s and Wendy’s had a quite distant lead mainly because of the fact that they have started advertising their healthful attributes earlier than Burger King, and have been making improvements on their kids’ meals far longer.

But Burger King’s latest effort in joining McDonald’s in selling their kids’ meal toys in San Francisco to abide by the city’s Healthy Meal Legislation rule is seen to be a promising pursuit in terms of parents’ perception and approval. The ordinance requires that meals marketed by fast food restaurants specifically to children should meet certain nutritional standards if they were to include a complimentary toy. The chains’ move stands to gain a few nods from parents, especially that they intend to donate the proceeds to deserving institutions that could help the community.