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Aprons – Now A Retro-Chic Apparel


Aprons, once considered a symbol of women’s domestic grind are now in the forefront as retro chic apparel. The gear is now no longer a sign of drudgery as marketers have started flaunting trendy and colorful body hugging designs that combine practicality and sex appeal.

Aprons have a long chronicle. These garments have been traditionally used by people to protect clothing and provide deep handy pockets.  All that stuff is outdated. The chic varieties resemble halter-dresses and skirts with a far more respectable symbol than just providing a look of a garment that protects against splatters.

An apron is worn in front of the body to protect the clothes from wear and tear, and for hygienic reasons. Aprons have a wide variety of uses. Nurses, mechanics, homemakers, medical practitioners, and many other professionals commonly use this gear. Nevertheless, the design of an apron is made keeping in mind the usage. For example, the restaurant staff commonly uses bib, bistro and bar types. And then you have gear for industrial uses, kitchens and cleaning purposes.

The material that goes into making this apparel is varied. Though cotton is the most common, there are others as such as rubber, leather, PVC and lead. Wearers prefer cotton as it suits all climatic conditions, is comfortable and light to wear. Leather is classy but expensive. Top-end restaurants choose leather to signify class, dignity, culture and richness.

Some well-known manufacturers have introduced avant-garde new poly spun aprons.  This revolutionary apparel is supposed to have the convenience and comfort of cotton with the added advantage of twice the durability of the regular ones. Besides, the poly-spun material does not shrink or require ironing.  Whichever be the material, designers take care to see that the apron design blends well with the main attire.

Have aprons made a big entry into mainstream department stores? May not be as yet. This apparel is still sold through online sites, specialty cooking stores and gift boutiques. Yet, the sales seem to be on the rise. This is not a wonder at all as home entertainment and gourmet-cooking programs have spurred interest of homemakers into wearing trendy styles.

How To Choose An Apron Best Suited To You?

The varieties available in the market today are endless. There are a legion of types, styles and designs to choose from. Manufacturers tend to promote different styles from time to time to beat competition. However, the bib design is perfect for most professions. It provides full frontal protection and has straps round the neck for support. In addition, bib designs have large pockets at the bottom that suits the needs of most professions. A cobbler apron is somewhat similar in design, but affords a more comprehensive upper body protection. Cobbler aprons are not as long as the bib types. They are quite popular in many establishments for their ruggedness, durability and elegant informal looks.

Bistro styles on the other hand run from the waist to the knees. This type of apron protects the wearers’ trousers from spills and splashes.

If you want to order wholesale aprons, there are plenty of websites out there with quality products suited to meet every requirement. Well-known traders continually stock their shelves with new products geared towards meeting the requirement of trendy customers.