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Aprons in Action: The Best Way to Help

Short Bistro ApronThe news:  The Home Depot Foundation has chosen Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona as one of the finalists for the foundations’   Aprons in Action Facebook voting program.  Along with the other finalists Habitat Tucson, New Orleans Area Habitat and San Diego Habitat, Habitat Central Arizona also now has a chance to win the $25,000 monthly gift card prize of the campaign.

Aprons in Action, which began in May, utilizes Home Depot’s base of over 260,000 Facebook fans to vote for any of four community projects that are chosen monthly.  The organization that has the most number of online votes gets to win the $25,000 monthly prize, and becomes eligible to join the grand selection in May 2012.  The final selection allows the grand prize winner to win the $250,000 reward.  The unselected organizations, however, will not go home empty-handed, as each of them still receives $5,000 gift cards from Home Depot.

The Home Depot Foundation, through their program Team Depot, makes it a point to help their communities by providing their time and talents to help out veterans and families who need help.  The Team Depot partners with non-profit local organizations like the Habitat for Humanity, Great Falls Children’s Receiving Home, Ronald McDonald House and Jerusalem House, and helps build a better environment for families in America. The Aprons in Action campaign on Facebook helps the foundation in selecting the projects to fund each month.  The foundation has committed to donate over 1 million dollars in the next three years to nonprofit groups and organizations that are unswerving in their desire to help people in need.

Lets’ take a closer look at this month’s finalists by looking at their past undertakings with the team Depot and their proposed projects:

San Diego Habitat for Humanity

Last May 4, 2011, over 250 volunteers from Team Depot and the San Diego Habitat gathered to construct two homes at Libby Lake Village, a 20-single family home development on a dead-end area of Oceanside City, San Diego.  Should they be the lucky ones who will receive the $25,000 gift card, they will build three more homes to complete their five-home project at Libby Lake Village.  They intend to complete the framing, siding and plumbing, as well as paint, install countertops and cabinets and finish the homes’ landscaping.

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity

On April 14, 2010, more than 100 Team Depot and New Orleans Area Habitat volunteers pooled together to build the home of the Johnson family in New Orleans East.  They lent a hand to frame the 1,100 square foot, three-bedroom and one-bath home and turned over the place to the Johnson family in August.   The organization has a new program, A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) to support should they win the $25,000 gift card.  The program aims to revitalize the homes of low-income families by making outdoor renovations, weatherizing and landscaping their homes.

Habitat for Humanity Tucson

Early this spring, over 900 volunteers constructed and rehabilitated more than 17 homes in Corazon del Pueblo Subdivision in Tucson.  They also assisted in the landscaping of the McKinley Basin.  The organization has already laid out their plan to use up the $25,000 Home Depot gift cards during their 10th annual “Building Freedom Day” on September 11, 2011 by committing to build 10 more homes in Corazon del Pueblo, and providing each of the homes with a plumbing system that aims to guard the desert’s water.

Habitat Central Arizona

Last May 2011, 175 people volunteered to help build three homes for three hardworking families who work hard to provide better lives for their children.  The volunteers have spent more than 800 hours to complete these homes in the Avondale Community in Hillcrest Village.  Should they win, they will use their $25,000 prize money in building more homes for families in need in Arizona.

We know you want to help, too, really, but like most of us, you’re also caught up with your everyday concerns and you don’t know how to start.  Start the easy way, then.  Go open your Facebook account, click like on The Home Depot Foundation to gain access to the page, and start voting at Aprons in Action.