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Aprons For Robo-Waiters

Adjustable Bib ApronNowadays a lot of restaurants are using robo-waiters to serve food to their customers. The main purpose of such a system is to rule out the problem of human fatigue which is common in such a job. The job of a waiter requires the person to be always on the move. This can make the person very tired especially since they have to be available for as long as the restaurant remains open. On the other hand, a robo-waiter does not suffer from fatigue even after serving customers for long hours at a stretch.

Aprons Ensure Uniformity among Staff

There are many problems associated with using robo waiters in a restaurant. The most important issue here is that they are pre programmed to carry out their work and cannot take any spontaneous decisions. Also, there is no scope for interacting with the guests which is essential for customer satisfaction. Robo-waiters do not provide a complete feel of a restaurant as they do not have a specific uniform or an apron which has the restaurant’s logo. There is little need for an apron for robo waiters as they are programmed to carry out their work flawlessly.

Restaurants which use such technology have specific paths demarcated for robo-waiters to move about and carry the client’s order to the desired table. Restaurant owners cannot expect such mechanical waiters to stop even if there are children in the way. There is very little room for mistakes when using robo waiters so the purpose of having an apron for them is also lost. However, an apron is an essential part of a waiter’s uniform as it has utility value. Well designed aprons look smart on waiters and give a look of uniformity among all the restaurant staff. The same uniformity can be attained by using aprons on robo waiters also. This will make them look more real and also provide protection to the machine in case there is an accident since even machines can go wrong sometimes. The issue is a debatable one and it all depends on restaurant owners who need to decide

if they desire a uniform look among all robo-waiters who work in their restaurant.

Using both Human and Robo-Waiters

Presently very few restaurants use robo waiters to replace real waiters as the transformation is expensive.  Also for an exclusive experience at a restaurant, it is essential to have human waiters who can interact with the guest and take appropriate decisions to ensure their comfort and satisfaction. It is a good option to have one or two robo-waiters who can make the work of human waiters easier by carrying the orders and also make the place interesting especially for children. Such robots can serve as an attraction for children and in turn increase the restaurant’s clientele.

To ensure uniformity of their entire team of human and robo waiters, restaurant owners can opt for aprons which have the restaurant logo. Using aprons on robots can also make customers aware of their specific role as robo-waiters. Ultimately, it is up to the restaurant owner and managing body to determine whether such a step will keep both staff and customers equally satisfied.