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The Unknown Benefits of Spun-Polyester, 3 -Pocket Aprons

If you’re thinking about buying 3-pocket spun-polyester aprons from us at KNG, you probably already know that you’re investing in high-quality pieces for your restaurant. However, there’s probably a few unknown benefits about these aprons that will take you by surprise.

They Look and Feel Like Cotton

When the words “durable spun-polyester” come to your mind, you probably think about a material that is thick and doesn’t have much give to it. However, one of the perks of spun-polyester is that even though it’s durable, it’s soft and breathes like pure cotton.

No Need to Break Out the Iron

Have you ever had a few of your employees come in for their shift in aprons so wrinkly that you couldn’t let them go out and serve customers? With spun-polyester aprons, wrinkly aprons are no longer an issue because this material is wrinkle-resistant.

Shrinking Is a Thing of the Past

You’ve probably purchased aprons before thinking that they would stay the same length until the day you got rid of them. However, over time, you likely noticed that the aprons your employees donned every day as part of their uniforms slowly got shorter and shorter. Unlike traditional cotton or cotton poly aprons, spun-polyester doesn’t shrink and holds up extremely well after multiple washes.

Plus, this type of material is color-fast. Even if your employees spill something on these aprons, it won’t stain. We know that this is a huge plus when you work in the restaurant industry since spills are an everyday occurrence.

Guaranteed to Last

If you’ve glanced over our prices, you’ve probably noticed that our spun-polyester, 3-pocket aprons cost a little bit more than what you’re used to paying for cotton or cotton poly aprons. However, we guarantee that our spun polyester aprons last twice as long. While you may pay a little bit more upfront, you’ll find that you only have to replace your restaurant’s aprons once or twice a year instead of what seems like every other month.