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The Most Popular Apron Designs and Styles for Fine Dining Restaurants

As the owner of a fine dining establishment, you have put your time and money into ensuring that every small detail of your restaurant exhibits the theme and overall feeling of your location. However, one aspect you may have overlooked is the aprons that your serving and cooking staff are expected to wear. If you are searching for aprons that epitomize the theme of your restaurant while also reflecting an overall stylish and classic appearance, you may want to consider what types and styles other fine dining establishments are using.

Waist and Bib Aprons

The style of aprons your employees wear can help differentiate your restaurant from the fast food restaurant down the street. In most fine dining restaurants, serving staff are required to wear waist aprons that are no longer than their knees. Additionally, the cooking staff are seen in full aprons that cover their torsos and go down to their knees.

Classic White

Nothing says elegance like a classic white apron. While some fine dining establishments may require their staff to wear colored aprons, the majority purchase white aprons. If you are just starting out and desire to establish your restaurant as a place of elegance and fine cuisine, you really can’t go wrong buying aprons in all-white.

Small Monograms

While large logos, graphics, and patterns are not typically seen on the aprons in most fine dining restaurants, a small logo on the corner or near the top of your aprons can help tie in your staff’s uniforms into the rest of the restaurant’s ambience and give them that little something extra that sets your restaurant apart.

However, the main thing that helps restaurants establish themselves as fine dining locations is the quality of the aprons that their employees are required to wear. At KNG, we carry high-quality aprons made out of durable materials that look sharp, professional, and allow restaurants to stand out, even if their location is one of many restaurants on a single street.