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The Five Qualities of High-End Aprons

At almost every restaurant throughout the country, you’ll see servers, cooks, bussers, and any other type of employee involved with the production and presentation of food wearing an apron. While your patrons might not notice if your employees are wearing high-end aprons, failing to invest in aprons that contain five specific qualities could end up severely impeding on your business’ profits.

1. Durable Fabric

From the minute your employees walk in the door to the minute they leave, they are probably wearing an apron. Over time, it’s inevitable that the fabric will start to fade, rip, and tear and that you’ll need to purchase new replacement aprons. At KNG, our aprons are made out of heavy spun poly twill, which lasts twice as long as poly cotton blends, so that your restaurant saves money.

2. Varying Sizes

Nothing looks sillier than a server or cook that walks around a restaurant with an apron on that is too long or too short. One way that you can tell that you’ve purchased high-end aprons is if they come in a variety of different sizes.

3. Resilient Construction

While your restaurant’s aprons might start to fray at the edges over time, they shouldn’t do this after one wash. High-end aprons are designed to withstand normal wear and tear and remain in like-new condition for multiple washes and wears.

4. Customization

A little customization can go a long way in tying your restaurant’s theme together. Instead of purchasing plain white aprons for your staff, opt for buying high quality ones that allow you to customize the color or logo on them.

5. Stain and Wrinkle-Resistance

The way your employees look when they serve your patrons says a lot about your restaurant. Unlike standard aprons, high-end ones will resist stains and spills so that your employees continue to appropriately reflect your restaurant’s values even on the busiest nights.

At KNG, our high-end aprons are made out of high quality materials, come in varying sizes, can be customized, are wrinkle-resistant, and won’t look old or faded after just a few washes. If your restaurant needs new aprons, invest in ones from us that will last and continue to portray your restaurant in a positive light.