You’ve noticed that your employee’s aprons are starting to look a little dingy and the state of the chef ware your cooking staff wears makes you nervous that one of your patrons will accidentally walk into the kitchen. Since it’s time to buy replacement aprons and chef uniforms, where do you begin? How do you know when the best time is to make a purchase? Should you buy less expensive uniforms or invest in quality? At KNG, we have answers to all of these questions.

Match Your Restaurant’s Theme

When it comes time to replace your aprons and chef uniforms, makes sure that the pieces you buy complement the overall feel and theme of your restaurant. For instance, if you run a fine dining establishment, you wouldn’t purchase aprons in bright colors with images of the beach on them. Instead, you would likely want to buy classic white aprons with your restaurant’s name embroidered onto them in an elegant font.

Make Regular Replacements

You may be hesitant to purchase new chef uniforms and aprons because you don’t want to compromise your restaurant’s budget. To ensure you always have the funds for buying new uniforms and aprons, we recommend making room for this expense in your restaurant’s budget every six to 12 months, depending on the specific needs of your establishment.

It’s All About Quality

We really cannot stress enough that when it comes to purchasing replacement aprons and chef uniforms, investing in quality pieces is the most important thing you can do. While it may cost you a little bit more upfront, our uniforms and aprons will not fade or start to look worn out after only a few washes. In fact, investing in quality pieces will actually save your restaurant more money overall.

If you start to feel overwhelmed about replacing the chef uniforms and aprons your restaurant uses, don’t worry. Instead, let us at KNG introduce you to our high-quality pieces that are designed to last and available at competitive prices.

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From the cost of food and supplies to renting your restaurant’s space, you likely try to keep your business’ overhead costs as low as possible to maximize profits. Because of this, you probably don’t want to invest in new aprons and chef wear for your employees every month. Although it may seem like you have to replace these items every time you turn around, there are several strategies you can use to make the aprons and chef wear your staff wears last as long as possible.

1. Only Allow Your Employees to Wear Their Uniforms at Work

After a long day cooking or waiting on patrons, your employees may be tempted to wear their chef wear and uniforms long after the end of their shift. However, you should discourage this practice and encourage your employees to take off their uniforms as soon as possible after they leave the restaurant. If you require your employees to keep their uniforms at your location, enact a policy that all employees must not have their uniforms on in-between shifts or during breaks.

2. Wash Regularly

While you may be hesitant to wash your aprons and chef wear less often than needed because you’re used to the washing process causing the colors to fade and the fibers to unravel, not washing these items can actually lead to them wearing out more quickly than you anticipated. Plan to send out your aprons and chef wear for washing at least every three days.

3. Buy Quality

The most important step you can take to ensure your restaurant’s chef wear and aprons last is to invest in quality pieces. At KNG, we carry a wide selection of standard and customizable aprons and uniforms for restaurants that are made out high-quality materials. By investing in some of our quality pieces, you not only save your restaurant money, but ensure your employees and cooking staff give off a good impression to your patrons by looking professional and presentable at all times.

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